Paddling The Petaluma River

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Paddling the Petaluma River By: ?Jeff Kellogg - Here at Clavey we’re open every day except on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Those are our...

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Tuolumne river days and nights, Part III: a night in the Log Jam

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Some memorable times on the Tuolumne river–see the previous post to catch up on this story: My early days on the “T”,...

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My early days on the “T”, Part II

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1983 was a great year to begin working the Tuolumne River. It was a high water year and we ran trips all the way into September. We got to...

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Dumpster Diving – the highlight of my Grand Canyon trip

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We’re in a van headed to Flagstaff. We hired Ceiba, a company out of Flag, to pick us up at Diamond Creek and they’ve got a...

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My early days on the “T” Part I

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I fired up the wayback machine this week and came up with a few reminiscences of my river guiding career. Back in 1983, several years...

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How to make class V a little hairier

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I had an opportunity this summer to work on the Kern – not as a guide though – but as some sort of “manager”, thus ensuring that I would...

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